California summer adventures

Los Angeles, you’ll forever have a hold on my heart.

Visiting the west coast last week made my summer. Already I miss the sunshine, palm trees, ocean breeze, and surf culture. Getting to explore Cali with my favorite travel squad was the absolute best. We swam in Malibu, chased waves in Huntington, surfed in Laguna, hiked in Hollywood and so much more.

DAY 1:

The first day in California was crazy, wild and such an adventure. We were literally running on two hours of sleep and up the entire day for 24 hours. I’ll tell you this– there’s nothing like red-eye flights and navigating LA traffic when you’re operating only on red bull, travel energy and excitement. Everything that day was a bit exhilarating.

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We flew into LAX and spent most of the day in Malibu. Highway 1 was such a beautiful drive along the coast and we spent our time in the cutest Mustang Convertible (a dream come true … talk about my actual bucket list trip). The beaches in Malibu are stunning, secluded and serene. I loved the beautiful rocks that tower over the shores. It makes the beach such a fun place to explore.

We then watched our first Californian ocean sunset and it was breathtaking.


DAY 2:

Day two was spent in my favorite surf town Huntington Beach. It had been YEARS since I’d been there and I was so excited to be back. I absolutely adore all the cute shops, surfer boys, huge waves, sunset views and the ocean pier. It was the perfect day.

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Day 3:

Day three was spent in Laguna, aka my kind of tropical oceanside paradise. By this day I couldn’t help but think how much I could get used to a California summer lifestyle. Being on the beach, soaking up the sun, breathing in the ocean salty air, feeling the never ending sand under my toes… it was definitely my kind of vacation. We spent most of the trip in the water tackling waves that I was sure would never let us touch the shore again and I loved every moment of it.

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DAY 4:

Day four was spent back in LA after a night in Temecula with family friends that were so gracious to open up their home to us. We visited Hillsong Church LA and I was in heaven. I LOVE their church, music, leaders, and general way they do life. Getting to experience their church in person was incredible. We met one of the campus pastors Ben Houston and saw his parents (founders of Hillsong Church Aus) Bobbie and Brian Houston, along with members of Hillsong United. It was beyond cool. The service was really good and the worship music was amazing. The presence of God is felt so strongly in their atmosphere and there’s such a deep love for Jesus that I adore.

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After church, we checked out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and later hiked in the Hollywood Hills to catch the sunset. It was hands down my favorite day of the trip. If I could relive it over and over I would.

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We also had quite a few trips to In and Out Burger, which of course was pretty much required ;). It wouldn’t be a trip to California without it… we went at least four times.

I love having friends and family who love to travel just as much as I do. Find those who will explore the world with you and never let them go. I can’t wait to see where we end up next summer. Last year it was Chicago, this year it was California… only next year can get better :).

I put together a little video/vlog recap to highlight the trip — check it out:

For more lifestyle content and travel photos check out my instagram. 


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