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March Stitch Fix review

Happy spring, friends! I just received my second Stitch Fix box and I’m so excited to share what my stylist Amanda hand-selected for me! As she described in the fashion note she sent with my clothes: the items are edgy, yet glamorous. I’m still debating on which items I’m going

All things New York Fashion Week: What it’s like being in NY during the shows and an interview with one of my friends who is interning there

It’s NYFW baby! A time in New York where shopping is its own season. One where fashion rules the streets and everyone from A-list celebrities to beauty bloggers are taking their seat and trying to get in on the action of the shows. For any fashionista, it’s a world of endless

Strolling through SoHo

I don’t think I’ll ever love a town as much as I love SoHo. It’s cute. Quaint. And everything a girl could dream of. It makes me so excited to move to New York in less than two months to explore more of it and the rest of the city.

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