Shawn Mendes: A tour to melt your heart

It’s hard to put into words the feelings Shawn Mendes will leave you with after you see him in concert. The boy is one hell of a performer and captivator. I could try to describe how he had me fascinated, over-joyed, and maybe just a slight bit obsessed… but honestly, that doesn’t even feel like I’m giving his performance justice. It was nothing short of amazing. The entire audience was swooning all night long, myself included.

Shawn made an almost two-hour performance feel like 10 minutes and rarely do I ever feel like that after concerts. There is something so refreshing about his stage presence. I could listen to him sing for days. His music is truly meant to be experienced live echoing across hundreds of people as lights dance and guitar strings sing. I’ll forever be in awe of his passion and presence on stage. He’s so into his songs and he connects strongly with the audience. They sang back EVERY word (that is, of course, when they weren’t squealing, screaming, or crying). He has an energy that is so contagious.

Something about his performance felt so organic and raw. He was backed by a band for most of the night but rarely was he seen without a guitar in his hand. Some of his best moments came when it was just him singing with the guitar or piano. He shined in the simple moments. And that voice! Man, he can hit so many notes. The emphasis he puts into his singing and melodies is incredible. Without a doubt, he’s a heartthrob that will be here to stay in the music industry for awhile.

Shawn had a lot of cool visuals and lights to complete his set but really it was his charming personality that made the show. He made jokes, called out people in the audience, and overall just looked like he was genuinely having a good time. He played a lot of my favorite songs live, and I have some new favorites after experiencing them in concert. A few of Shawn’s songs I would recommend are “Life Of The Party,” “Roses,” “Patience,” and “A Little Too Much.” I’ve had those stuck in my head since the show.

Some songs that hearing live changed for me: “Lights On,” “Bad Reputation,” and “The Weight.” I had liked those songs before but now I love them. The way they are sung live is life-changing. Ok, I sound like a crazy fangirl, but in actuality, after you hear these songs live you won’t be able to hear the studio versions the same way. I keep adding in the way he screams out certain parts of the songs or belts out the verses live. You might just have to experience it for yourself to understand. Shawn’s fans will know just what I’m talking about :)

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If you get the opportunity to see him in concert – please GO! It’s soo worth it. It was my second time seeing him but first time seeing him headline his own arena tour. The first time I saw him he played KDWB’s Jingle Ball (which he referenced during the show… he said it was after that concert that he realized he wanted to do this for the rest of his life and how grateful he was for the opportunities to share his music). I think he’s grown so much as an individual and performer since then and can truly only get better!

It was the perfect concert to end my summer with. It was also the best mother-daughter date to have before I leave for school in NYC. I’ll definitely be counting down the days til I can see him again (… and maybe meet him next time?? Talk about M&G goal).

As always – you can hit up my instagram for more concert related content! If you saw Shawn in concert, let me know what you thought of the show! Or, if you have a favorite song of his or a favorite concert/tour you’ve recently enjoyed, leave a comment and let me know!

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