Black Tap in New York City: Burger joint home to the craziest milkshakes ever 

Every time you travel you need to indulge in at least one treat that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. For me, my sugar coma was induced at Black Tap in New York City. I still cannot get over the hella insane milkshakes we had there on our trip.

Delicious. Sweet. And oh so tasty. They were concoctions created to put you over the moon. Seriously. One sip and you felt in heaven. The milkshakes were UNREAL.

I had seen the drinks all over Pinterest and Buzzfeed and knew I had to hunt them down on our trip to try them for myself. I had no idea the atmosphere of the restaurant would be so fun and the milkshakes would be truly as good and crazy as they looked.  I had high expectations and was not disappointed. They looked better in person and tasted greater than I imagined. If you’re ever in the area, you need to check them out (or come visit me in New York and I’ll take you :).

The Black Tap location we visited was situated in heart of SoHo. With it being so popular, we had to wait in line down the street and around the corner just to get in. However, it was only a 25-30 min wait whereas I’ve heard some people have had to wait hours. Once we were seated inside the burger joint, our service was quick and food was to us within minutes.


We started with burgers that were to die for. I tried The Texan Burger. It was topped with crispy onion rings, bacon, sweet baby rays bbq, and more. It was really good and definitely as mouthwatering as it sounds.


Then, of course, came shake time. My sister had the Cotton Candy strawberry shake topped with a pink lollipop, rock candy, whipped cream, and cotton candy. I had the Sweet N’ Salty peanut butter shake topped with pretzel rods, chocolate covered pretzel, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a sugar daddy. Both shakes had frosted rims on the outside of the glass which allowed the candies to stick to them. The presentation was amazing. It was a good thing we spent most of our trip walking around taking in the NYC sights otherwise I might feel a bit more guilty for devouring all those calories.


For $15 each, the shakes were pricey but worth it. The treats were art. Skillfully crafted and a whole lof of fun. They’ve been on Black Tap’s menu since last November and it’s no surprise they have been receiving crazy amounts of hype since.


It was a sweet day. I can’t wait to visit again to try something new. To see more of my adventures in SoHo, click here and check out my instagram. I’ll be posting more NYC blog content soon so be sure to follow along!

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