Summer 2020 photo journal

I think labeling this year as “wild” is something we can all agree on universally. I doubt there is a person who would challenge me on the thought that 2020 has been the furthest thing from normal. Like many, how I thought this year would unfold has had to constantly be reshaped as the months went on. Now all of a sudden it’s October, and … Continue reading Summer 2020 photo journal

Shawn Mendes: A tour to melt your heart

It’s hard to put into words the feelings Shawn Mendes will leave you with after you see him in concert. The boy is one hell of a performer and captivator. I could try to describe how he had me fascinated, over-joyed, and maybe just a slight bit obsessed… but honestly, that doesn’t even feel like I’m giving his performance justice. It was nothing short of … Continue reading Shawn Mendes: A tour to melt your heart

California summer adventures

Los Angeles, you’ll forever have a hold on my heart. Visiting the west coast last week made my summer. Already I miss the sunshine, palm trees, ocean breeze, and surf culture. Getting to explore Cali with my favorite travel squad was the absolute best. We swam in Malibu, chased waves in Huntington, surfed in Laguna, hiked in Hollywood and so much more. DAY 1: The first … Continue reading California summer adventures

Hillsong Young & Free – Youth Revival USA Tour

Rarely do I start a blog post with a video but nothing sums up how good the Hillsong Young and Free concert was then this vlog recap: I was so caught up during the entire concert just taking it all in. The atmosphere of worship concerts amazes me– they’re overwhelming and powerful. When hundreds of people gather to sing their favorite songs and unite in … Continue reading Hillsong Young & Free – Youth Revival USA Tour

I had a press pass to Joyful Noise 2016

Concert photography is something I have always been in love with. Whether it’s taking photos from the audience or from in front of the barricade, I always enjoy capturing the essence of a show and everything the artist puts into the performance on stage. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of having a press pass to photograph KTIS’ Joyful Noise festival. It was an … Continue reading I had a press pass to Joyful Noise 2016

From the heart of Times Square

There are simply no words to sum up Times Square. It’s immensely huge, alive with energy, pulsing with the lives of so many different people, full of culture and most of all, excitingly overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, there’s something new to explore and something new to see. I loved being in the heart of the city and staying right near the adventurous side of it … Continue reading From the heart of Times Square

Whirlwind travels, chasing music and sightseeing in Chicago

Four crazy teenagers take on the big city of Chicago to explore the city that never sleeps cause lets face it, neither do we. Summer has only just begun and I’ve already checked so many things off my bucket list. First, I got to stay right in the heart of my favorite city. Second, I got to road trip with my favorite people and act like complete … Continue reading Whirlwind travels, chasing music and sightseeing in Chicago