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Hollywood’s latest musical penned by ‘La La Land’ writing duo

As seen originally published in The UNW Examiner.   The latest musical to release in theaters is “The Greatest Showman,” and it’s remarkably different from Hollywood’s musical hit “La La Land.” Despite the differences, both films share something in common aside from just being musicals: songs that were penned by writing

Broadway’s longest running musical: The Phantom of the Opera in NYC

Broadway’s longest running musical. A timeless story that all others are measured against. An unforgettable score and an undeniable obsession that could never die… The Phantom of the Opera is an international phenomenon that unmasks emotions and leaves audiences everywhere breathless. I had a wonderful time experiencing it’s Broadway splendor

The most New York night: Seeing The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

    My love (and luck) for contests continues to grow. I recently won two VIP tickets to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and it was the most New York experience I’ve had yet. I’m still pinching myself–it was the perfect way to end my semester studying journalism in

Up at 3 A.M. for Niall Horan on the TODAY show

This past week showed me that 13-year-old me still isn’t over One Direction. Heck, 20-year-old me is still wholeheartedly obsessed and willing to get up before the sun does just to get a glimpse of any one of the boys. They’re each going their own separate ways pursuing solo careers

NYC: The city of concert dreams and endless music opportunities – Ed Sheeran on GMA

This past summer I spent countless hours trying to win Ed Sheeran tickets in Minnesota. I entered every contest on Twitter (sending out tweets like “don’t have me ‘Ed Tearin,’ send me to Ed Sheeran”) … I called into radio stations every hour when they had tickets … I basically

Grammys recap: The red carpet fashion, the performances and big winners

By now, you probably know I am obsessed with music and any big events surrounding it. When Grammys day came, I was in total fangirl mode. Let’s be real: dream job would be to cover events like this for an entertainment outlet and review all things music, performances, awards and

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