KDWB Star Party 2017

Well friends, if you follow me on any sort of social media you’ll know I spent last Friday in total fangirl mode basically crying my eyes out over the fact that I was seeing Niall Horan from the second row of a concert venue with less than 5,000 people. You might be wondering how I’m still breathing (I’m a little unsure myself). Niall has been my favorite for YEARS and every time I have seen him it’s been during a One Direction show with crowds of at least 20,000 people. He performed at KDWB’s Star Party, and I pretty much went just to see him.

He was charming, talented and incredible (like always). The last time I saw him was in 2015 on 1D’s most recent tour. He’s doing a bit of solo gigs and music now, which I don’t mind. I originally dreaded the idea of One Direction being on hiatus, but with the boys all trying their hand at solo music it gives us fans more chances to see them in smaller settings that are more intimate and personal. I was literally in the second row to see him at Star Party, an experience I would’ve had to pay hundreds of dollars for if it was a 1D show.

It was different seeing Niall onstage alone, but something I got used to very quickly. Everyone in the room swooned the moment he stepped foot onstage. He might have only played a three song set, but it was captivating. His music has allowed him to really showcase his talents. It’s fun to see him grow as a performer and individual artist.

He played one of his new songs that hasn’t been officially released yet – “On The Loose.”

He also played his latest single “Slow Hands” — which is SUCH A JAM LIVE.

And of course, he played his first official solo song “This Town.”

Being able to see him in this kind of setting and this close was a dream come true. In this single moment, every dollar I’ve spent on this band for music, concerts, road trips, and tours was worth it. I adore this boy and still can’t believe I got to see him again. I look forward to when he comes back. He promised he would, so I’m holding him to it. ;)

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In addition to Niall, there were some other great artists too. I got to see Hey Violet, which was fun. Their music style has changed so much since the last time I saw them. When they toured with 5SOS two years ago they were kind of screamo/punk rock/emo. I definitely think they have grown A LOT as a band and performers.

One of my best friends, Kaley, came to the show with me. I loved getting to hang out with her because we’ve both been so busy with school and she’s been in a different state for college. She’s back now (for like two weeks before she leaves again) so this was the perfect way to kick off summer!!!

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I had an awesome time. AJR, Julia Michaels, Kyle,  Flo Rida, and more were also in the lineup. You can see footage from their sets and our Star Party experience below:

As always, I tend to blast my Instagram with concert content – you can check that out here. Hit me up and I’ll follow you back. Have you seen any of these performers before in concert? If so leave me a comment and tell me what you thought! You can also see more concert related content on my youtube.

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