Cafe Meow: Where Minneapolis mixes cats and coffee

Located in Minneapolis is Minnesota’s first ever Cat Cafe. Cafe Meow, which doubles as cafe and cat lounge, is located in Uptown off Hennepin Ave (near Spyhouse Coffee). It’s the puuurfect place to get catfinated and hang out with some furry feline friends.



How it works

Cafe Meow is split into two spaces. When you walk in, one side is dedicated to a cafe setting. Cafe Meow serves a menu of a variety of items including coffee drinks, hot teas, pastries and more. They partner with local businesses to get their drinks and pastries. I tried the Calico mocha drink which is mixed with caramel and coconut.



The other side is dedicated to cats. It’s $10 an hour to hang out in the cat lounge–and you can bring your beverage in. A set of double doors will lead you inside where there are up to 15 cats. You can pet them, play with them or hang out on one of the couches. The cats are everywhere and are absolutely adorable and friendly. If you get attached, you can potentially adopt one.



The mission

Cafe Meow partners with local shelters to help rescue cats find a new home. All of the cats in the cat lounge are available for adoption and a minimum of 10 cats have been adopted since their February open. On a bulletin board, you will find each cat’s profile with how much they cost, etc.



Tips for the best experience

  • Only 10 people are allowed in the cat lounge at a time. To guarantee your spot make a reservation here.
  • Order a coffee! You are asked to arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment. Grab a drink to enjoy while you wait–they’re super yummy!
  • Go during the 8 p.m. hour if you want to play with the cats. An employee told us they are most active during the last hour of the day that the lounge is open because they know they are going to get fed when Cafe Meow closes.
  • Wear clothes you are comfortable getting a bit of cat hair on!

For more information on the cafe, check out their website here.

Have you ever visited a cat cafe or checked out Cafe Meow? Leave me a comment and let me know or reach out on social media @fearlesseyes97 on Instagram and Twitter!

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