A tradition in the State of Hockey 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved hockey. Maybe because it’s a sport that’s easy to follow and fun to witness. Maybe it’s because my dad has always been into it and ever since I was young I’ve loved watching it with him. Or maybe it’s just because I’m so very Minnesotan and it runs in my veins. Either way, the game is … Continue reading A tradition in the State of Hockey¬†

MSHSL Boys’ Hockey Tourney ’15

Thoroughly enjoyed continuing on a tradition with my Dad and sister this weekend. This past week starting Thursday was the 2015 MSHSL Boy’s Hockey Tournament. My dad, sister, and I love watching good Minnesota hockey and always love watching the high school boys compete in the tourney. Last year we went to the tournament for a few games and this year we had to go … Continue reading MSHSL Boys’ Hockey Tourney ’15