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Favorite beaches near Los Angeles, California

I just got back from a girls trip in Los Angeles, and I loved every moment of it. Beach hopping was one of my favorite¬†activities — so I have to share which places I enjoyed the most while in sunny California. Venice Beach Venice Beach is a vibe. It’s so

Hillsong’s Colour Conference in Los Angeles, California

During the last weekend in April, I flew out to Los Angeles, California for Hillsong’s 2018 Colour Conference. Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart and “change” in their step. Its purpose is to champions the girls of this generation. The women’s conference started

Black Tap in New York City: Burger joint home to the craziest milkshakes ever 

Every time you travel you need to indulge in at least one treat that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. For me, my sugar coma was induced at Black Tap in New York City. I still cannot get over the hella insane milkshakes we had there on our trip.

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