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Turning 22 in Los Angeles, California

On January 23, I turned 22 in Los Angeles! Que up every lyric from Taylor’s Swift song by the same title because honestly, that’s all that’s pumping through my speakers in 2019. I don’t know about you, but I’M FEELIN 22! I got to spend my birthday in one of

Exploring St. Pete Beach and TradeWinds Island Resorts

My family and I recently spent 17 days in Florida. Our first destination was TradeWinds Island Resorts in St. Pete Beach. It’s located on the west coast of Florida on the Gulf shores and is one of our all-time favorite places. I was so excited to return, it’s a tropical

NF Perception Tour: A review of real music live

Real music. It’s NF’s motto. His slogan. His┬ábrand. It’s raw, unapologetic, intense, honest and fierce. Real music is essentially NF, and this NF is┬áNathan Feuerstein–an American rapper, artist and songwriter who has charted well on both the secular and Christian charts. He’s released three studio albums and his most recent,

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