What it’s like meeting LANY

I just met my favorite band in the entire world and they knew who I was. I’m still so shook. People kept telling me leading up to our meet and greet that this would happen, but I had no idea it would unfold the way it did. LANY consists of the sweetest people in the world–including the band, crew, and fans.

I met LANY at the All Things Go Fall Classic Festival in Washington, D.C. I won the VIP meet and greet contest back in July, and had been counting down the days since. I’ve seen them perform seven times just this year (I’m such a sucker for live music), so getting to finally meet them was a dream come true.

LANY is from Los Angeles and their band name comes from Los Angeles New York. If you don’t know them – you need to. They’ve been making music for a few years and they’re on the verge of something so big and special and I’m so incredibly happy to have found them when I did. I started listening to them in 2017 but really fell in love with their music when “Malibu Nights” was released in 2018. The songs were everything I needed at the time and I still listen to their discography almost daily.

LANY soundtracks my days and has brought me some of the greatest friends all across the world. Thanks to Twitter I’ve gotten to meet some pretty awesome people and also interact with the band. I’m not saying me and Paul Klein are bffs, but people say we’re pretty tight on that damn bird app. So when the DC show came around — it was bound to be special. Not only would I get to meet and talk to LANY in person, but I also would get to hang out with friends who love the band as much as I do.

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DC was the biggest Twitter meet up for LANY ever. People from all across the U.S. and even the world traveled to the show. My mom and I flew in from Minnesota, and it was worth every mile. If I could relive the entire weekend a thousand times, I would. There’s nothing like the way music brings people together, and LANY fans are some of the most down to earth individuals. There’s this saying in the fandom that “HOME IS A LANY SHOW” and it’s absolutely true. I had to do a fan project to reflect it.

A few weeks prior to the show Paul Klein, the lead singer and creative genius of LANY, shared on social media that he bought a new place. I wanted to bring the band some sort of gift and came up with the idea to make Paul a housewarming gift for his new home to remind him of his other home — LANY shows. I sent out a tweet asking for submissions and fans sent in photos of their favorite LANY moments.

I loved including the people who have made the whole experience of supporting this band so enjoyable. The blanket turned out really cute and it was fun to create a housewarming gift that shares some of the joy, excitement, and adventure LANY has brought us. Paul’s reaction to it was so sweet!

Some of the fans’ reactions to him receiving the blanket were also hilarious. I love my Twitter friends.

Going into the meet and greet I had no idea what to expect. I’ve met other bands and artists before and typically it’s set up somewhere backstage or in some sort of room where everyone gets into a line and there’s a photographer waiting to snap your photo. Usually, you get a few minutes (if that) to say hello, but it all goes down rather quickly. This was not the case.

Only two people were chosen to win the VIP meet and greet giveaway. To enter you had to submit your name and email. My mom and I won, and it just so happened that a friend I met at a LANY show in Los Angeles this summer also won. Out of all the entries, it was the craziest thing we each were selected to win. It was also both our seventh LANY show. I guess seven should be the new lucky LANY number.

The festival took place outdoors at Union Market and when it was time for our m&g, we were led behind the stage and down a sidewalk toward the band’s trailer. We were met by Steve, one of the guys on LANY’s team, and he told us he would bring out the boys. That’s when things got so surreal.

I knew the band probably had some sense of who I was because I’ve been to a few shows, Paul literally likes my tweets all the time, has replied to me on Twitter, and I’ve also been featured on their band merch account. However, I did not know to what extent I was known by them and I didn’t go into the meet and greet with any high hopes to be recognized because I’ve seen the inside workings of how bands and their teams operate and I know a lot of times its management/PR who runs the social media. I had no idea what to expect, but oh my god, I was not prepared and was so surprised.

The moment the boys came out of the trailer Paul came straight for me and said, “HEYYY I KNOW YOU” and proceeded to give me the biggest hug. Then he went up to my mom and said, “COME HERE MOM!” I literally was left speechless for the rest of the night. We all exchanged hugs and said what’s up. They were all so friendly, genuine, and seriously the kindest band I’ve ever interacted with.

We took some photos and I had Paul write out the phrase “it’s’ forever” for me. A few months ago I made a tweet about the moon era ending (a reference to their album “Malibu Nights” and the tour they were on). Paul replied: “it’s forever” and we kind of started this phrase within the fandom that is now everywhere. The tweet got so much attention we even had people outside of LANY Twitter responding because they thought the end of the moon era meant the actual moon was disappearing. I still laugh when I think about it. Twitter is such a unique and creative platform full of the craziest interactions.

I have always wanted a tattoo that references their song 4EVER! because it is attached to so many wonderful memories from this year so when Paul replied to my tweet and it had the word “forever” in it, I knew it was something I definitely wanted to consider. I’ll most likely ink it or do something else like engrave it in his handwriting on something. It’s so special to have written out and I love how it turned out. If anyone has suggestions on where to put your first tattoo – hit me up.

Now, we have to talk about Paul’s fit. While he was writing out the phrase for me, I noticed the back of his shirt. Coincidence or not, the dude was wearing the freaking state of Minnesota on his back. It took me “forever” to notice it but hello I am from there and we were meeting them in DC. Maybe this will remind LANY to add a Minnesota tour date next time around to come and see me (and for the sake of my bank account because I’ve traveled so much out of state to see them).

The band was so incredibly kind to us and the whole experience couldn’t have been better. Paul, Jake, and Les are the absolute nicest toward their fans and it feels like you’re meeting friends rather than some “celebrities.” It definitely surpassed any expectations I had and the whole experience meant the world to me. They’re my favorite band ever and I admire them so much. I still am so shocked by the way Paul approached me like I swear to God I blacked out the entire time we were meeting them.

I’ve met other bands that I’ve interacted with online, but they always play it so nonchalantly and introduce themselves so formally. I felt like they were just as excited to meet me as I was to meet them, and I’ll never forget it. @ LANY, if you ever want to be friends you know where to find me.

One more thing: A huge reason why I love Twitter so much is because everyone shares a similar sense of humor that makes interacting with Paul so funny because he always acknowledges the crackhead tweets. Well, the man loves Chilis and being the person I am, I had to make him a bracelet with the restaurant name on there. He wore it the next day and posted about it on his Instagram story.

All Things Go and LANY couldn’t have given us a better experience. During the show, we got to watch the band from an exclusive side stage viewing spot that was literally on the stage. For someone who loves the behind the scenes of concerts and music/tour production, it was such an amazing experience. I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect day. Special thanks to the festival for also taking me on board as a social media ambassador, I enjoyed promoting the show leading up to it!

LANY’s music has meant so much to me and has given me so many moments where I felt so alive. They’re truly the best band alive and not only because of the music — but also because of who they are. I’ll never forget this weekend and will be a fan until I die.

We decided to also go to Texas the same weekend for the Austin City Limits festival to see LANY perform again the following day. I had more Twitter friends going to the show that I wanted to meet and figured since we’d already be traveling, what’s one more show? It was the wildest thing – I didn’t get any sleep but it was so worth it. I have now seen this band perform all across the country. From LA to NY. From the midwest to the south. It’s been the most incredible year attaching so many fun adventures and memories to music I adore. Thank you LANY for everything. Love you all 4EVER!

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My phone speakers totally blew out during the first show so my video content is extremely limited but here’s a taste of their shows if you’ve never been:





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