for KING & COUNTRY at KTIS’ Joyful Noise Festival 2018

98.5 KTIS had their 2018 Joyful Noise music festival this past weekend. It was two days full of Christian music consisting of artists and bands that are commonly played on their radio station. For another year in a row, for KING & COUNTRY headlined the festival.

The Aussie band closed out Joyful Noise with a bang Saturday night. They were the last act to take the stage. During their set, the packed crowd at the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN was in a euphoric state of delight as they sang and danced along to the uplifting songs.

For KING & COUNTRY is made up of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. The band’s name is a glimpse into what they stand for. On their website, they stated: “For KING & COUNTRY is a reflection of standing and fighting for something greater than yourself.” The band heavily promotes a message and meaning of “pricelessness.” This is conveyed through their music and spoken during their shows to individuals, especially women. They also encourage men to step out and proclaim that chivalry isn’t dead.

Notable moments during the show included when the band introduced their new song “joy,” when Joel and Luke ran out into the crowd to connect with the audience and when Joel gave away his priceless neckless. The whole production of the show was captivating–from the lights to the choreography to the vocals and instruments played on stage. It was an engaging show to experience and not a moment was filled with silence or pause. The audience hung onto every moment and appeared to be in full anticipation of what was to come.

For KING & COUNTRY brings so much energy to the stage. I have had the privilege of photographing them and seeing them in concert a few times now and every time, the energy level and excitement from the band and crowd is the same. They continue to play every show like it’s their last–pouring their heart and soul into the performance and leaving everything on stage.

If you haven’t heard for KING & COUNTRY before, check out their website here. Have you seen them in concert or been to Joyful Noise? I’d love to hear from you! Have a suggestion on events, activities, places or things I should cover in the future? Leave me a comment or reach out on social media @fearlesseyes97.

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