Jake Miller wows sold-out First Avenue – 7th St Entry crowd despite flu

Pop rapper, singer and songwriter Jake Miller brought his Hit and Run Tour to Minneapolis’ First Avenue – 7th St Entry Wednesday, May 9. His energy was high, the crowd was in a constant state of adoration and the band members onstage were upbeat. Based on Miller’s performance, you never would have guessed prior to the show he had been in the emergency room with the flu.

At 25, Miller has mastered how to entertain. His stage presence and charismatic personality captivated the sold-out crowd the instant he stepped onstage. Throughout the entire evening, he continued to hold the room’s unwavering attention.

To open the show, “Headlights” played over the speakers. The voicemail recorded track by his dad discusses facing adversities in life but also focusing on what’s in front of you, even when you can’t see the bigger picture. The message relates to the theme of his album and also set the tone for the evening.

Miller performed “Think About Us” first. It’s a song off his latest album Silver Lining which came out March 9. Impressively, Miller independently released the album, wrote, produced and mixed a majority of the 14 songs himself. It’s his third full-length LP and the music deals with letting go of past experiences, people and bad energy.

During the show, Miller shined most when he interacted with the audience. His bond with his fans is something special. The connection is so undeniably strong it seems like they are close friends rather than “fans.” Almost every person in the room knew every song, both old and new, and sang along word for word. The moments Miller created onstage constantly connected with the sold-out crowd.

The entire show was solid but Miller’s most notable and strongest performances happened during “Overnight,” “Mulholland Drive,” “Drinking About You” and “Collide.” From start to finish, Miller wowed. The fans were enthralled, the band was engaged and Miller showed a range of talents playing keys and guitar alongside his band.

Miller is musical proof that you don’t need management or a label’s help to draw a sold-out audience. He packed the venue and kept them hooked the entire night through. Being an independent artist has its perks, as Miller shared excitedly on stage how he has free control over all the aspects of the show, tour and music. He also has the creative freedom to do whatever he wants and make whatever kind of music he desires.

I give the Hit and Run Tour a solid 10/10 in regards to performance, production and the fact that Miller pulled it all of successfully despite being ill. First Avenue is such an iconic venue and has hosted acts like Prince, U2, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and more. If Miller continues down the musical path he is currently on, he could very well see himself returning down the road to perform again and earn his own star on the exterior of the building.

Be sure to catch Miller on tour and check out his latest album Silver Lining. Tour dates, music and more info on his website jakemiller.com

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Video recap of the show

Features footage from the Hit and Run Tour in Minneapolis captured with a photo and press pass:




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