Favorite beaches near Los Angeles, California

I just got back from a girls trip in Los Angeles, and I loved every moment of it. Beach hopping was one of my favorite activities — so I have to share which places I enjoyed the most while in sunny California.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a vibe. It’s so reggae. I’m forever calling it hippie town — but it was real cute. I loved the boardwalk and seeing the skate park alongside the ocean. Closer to the water, it was beautiful to see the mountains in the distance touching the sky as the waves crashed along the shore. The sky and sea were so blue, it’s hard to separate the two on the horizon. Venice is definitely a fun beach for biking, rollerblading or skateboarding on the boardwalk (which is also connected to the next beach).

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica might be my new favorite little west coast beach town. I adored its pier and the look of its electric lights and colors as the sun set. Its ferris wheel is so cute and offers great views of the ocean scenery. If you check it out, definitely walk the pier and the boardwalk to make the trip over to Venice!

Fun fact: Many movies and music videos are filmed on this pier! One notable one from my childhood: The Hannah Montana Movie.


Oooh, do I love Malibu. We ventured out of the city and up to Malibu for a scenic beach day. We checked out Paradise Cove first. It was quiet, peaceful and serene. Malibu is made up of many beach spots all along the coast and they’re stunning.

One of my favorite spots in Malibu that I visit every time I’m in California is El Matador State Beach. It has huge rocks, blufftop views and cliff-foot beaches. It’s the most beautiful place.

Do you have a favorite beach in California? Let me know! I’m always looking for new places to explore and destinations. Hit me up on social media @fearlesseyes97.




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