Hillsong’s Colour Conference in Los Angeles, California

During the last weekend in April, I flew out to Los Angeles, California for Hillsong’s 2018 Colour Conference. Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart and “change” in their step. Its purpose is to champions the girls of this generation.

The women’s conference started back in 1997 under the leadership of Hillsong Senior Pastor Bobbie Houston, and it is still lead by her to this day. Colour was held at the Orpheum Theater in the heart of downtown LA. I went with my mom, sister and cousin — and we LOVED it. I absolutely adore Hillsong’s heart for God and getting to experience such a beautiful conference with so much soul, creativity and energy was incredible.



This year, Colour was hosted in six world-class cities across five continents, including Sydney, Cape Town, London, Kiev, NYC and LA. Women of all ages, nations and backgrounds were invited to gather and unite under one roof to be immersed in a time of connection, wonder and worship. The environment was set to inspire the soul and empower the spirit. The theme for this year’s conference was BE FOUND: WIND IN HER SAILS.

In the invitation to the conference, Bobbie wrote:

The twenty-18 COLOUR EXPERIENCE heads into the future with these convictions in mind. Proverbs Thirty-One paints the image of a striking and influential woman and likens her to the trading ships of ancient days that would sail to faraway places and bring back divine supplies. For me, the metaphor speaks of an enriched and awakened life in Christ… a life that brings wisdom and goodness into the everyday rooms of our everyday life.

May the season before us be full of divine and personal surprises. We are living in remarkable and yet challenging days, and the need for peace, answers and solution is great than ever. Being found with the wind and breath of God’s Spirit in our sails is prophetic, and I believe deeply that impartation and grace, strategic to the future awaiting us, is in this gathering.



Los Angeles’ conference was split into two days. It started on a Friday evening and the first night was so good. The entire weekend was full of praise and worship by Hillsong Worship, teachings from Bobbie and more. There is so much I could write in detail about it, but instead of typing it all out, I put together a video to show how amazing it was! No amount of words would suffice to sum it up — you just have to see for yourself.

Important highlights and my favorite parts in the video:

  • All the worship! Brooke Ligertwood is a spiritual boss! I love the way she leads. Plus, “New Wine” and “What A Beautiful Name” are so anointed and my favorite songs right now.
  • Christine Caine!!! SHE IS ON FIRE! She preached on shame and it was relevant, remarkable and chain-breaking.
  • Of course, all the parts with Bobbie are so sweet. She is such a strong woman of God and she wears her calling well. I also enjoyed getting to hear from her and her husband, Senior Pastor Brain Houston at the conference.

There were so many good moments that I just enjoyed. I loved experiencing the LA Hillsong church and seeing everyone who runs that. It was great to hear from their campus pastors Lucille and Ben Houston. I also loved hearing from Hillsong’s Creative Pastor Cass Langton. So much of the conference was so impacting and such a blessing







Watch my video on Colour Conference 2018:



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