5 Seconds of Summer plays intimate sold-out gig at Varsity Theater

Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer took the stage in Minnesota for the first time in two years during intimate gig at Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. The show was Sunday, April 15, and they played to a sold out captivated crowd. The last time they were here was in 2016 when they played much bigger venue Xcel Energy Center for a packed house of at least 20,000.

While the show at Varsity was smaller, it sold out within minutes of tickets going on sale. On the day of the concert, fans lined up hours (some even the night previous) before doors opened despite the event being held during one of the worst snowstorm weekends in April. The crowd size might have been small compared to their previous tours, but the energy level and excitement from the fans was the same.

The band took the stage an hour late due to the weather, but when they finally came out after 8 p.m., the crowd roared. With no opening act, 5SOS had the entire room’s attention and hooked the enamored fans by playing their first ever single released back in 2014 “She Looks So Perfect.” The nostalgic vibe had the fans waving their arms in the air, singing along to every word and fangirling—lots of fangirling.

The band, which consists of guitarist/vocalist Luke Hemmings, guitarist/vocalist Michael Clifford, bassist/vocalist Calum Hood and drummer/vocalist Ashton Irwin, then moved into “Girls Talk Boys” from 2016 Ghostbusters movie. Next, they wooed the crowd with “Disconnected,” a fan favorite from 2014. The crowd, which was primarily girls except for a few dads or boyfriends that seemingly were dragged along, shrieked in response to everything the band did on stage.

5SOS played a short set. They performed 13 songs and were on stage for less than an hour. The primary purposes of the show appeared to be promotion for their third album “Young Blood,” which is set to release June 22, and their slightly larger upcoming fall tour Meet You There.

After the first three songs of the evening, Luke Hemmings asked the crowd: “Who in this part of America is excited for 5 Seconds of Summer’s third album?” To which the fans released another round of screams. “Thank God,” Hemmings replied. It seemed to be that not only had the fans missed the band, but the band had missed performing for them as well.

Immediately after, 5SOS started “Moving Along,” a new song that fans sang back to the band after the first chorus. The new music is catchy and easy to learn. It’s also more mature, crisp and sound. The band still has the same edge, but the lyrics and tones seem tighter. Inspirations such as Nirvana, Green Day and All Time Low are clear. Its evident years of touring and the break they took to create their new album has given them time to craft their vision for the future of the band.

Additional new songs the band introduced from their forthcoming album include “Valentine,” “Lie To Me,” “Talk Fast,” album title track “Young Blood” and latest single “Want You Back.” They also threw it back to their previous albums and played “She’s Kinda Hot,” “Amnesia,” “Waste The Night” and “Jet Black Heart.”

The 5SOS3 Tour was an intimate gig, but there was an electric feel that bounced through the venue and every fan. The band could play to tens of thousands; they could play to hundreds – they still get the same response. From start to finish, the crowd was enthralled. The fans came to the show excited for the next chapter of 5 Seconds of Summer, and the band delivered. Check out their new album Young Blood June 22 and catch 5SOS on their Meet You There Tour at The Armory on September 9. Tickets are on sale and start at $47.00.


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Video recap of the show

Features footage from the pit, interviews with fans, new 5SOS music and MORE:




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