There Is More Tour: A night with Hillsong Worship and Pastor Brian Houston

Hundreds of people in Minnesota gathered last night for Hillsong Worship’s There Is More tour in Minneapolis. The night of worship took place at Grace Church and featured old and new songs and a teaching from Hillsong Church’s Senior Pastor Brian Houston. Houston was promoting his new book “There Is More” and Hillsong Worship was sharing music from their new album by the same title. Anyone who knows me really well knows that this was my kind of night.

I ADORE Hillsong. They are such a creative congregation and I love their heart for God, people and life. My younger sister Abby is big into music (she plays guitar, sings and has the sweetest spirit of worship) and she’s the one who initially got me really interested in Hillsong’s bands, heart of their church and the individuals who lead their congregation. We love their Hillsong Channel and following all the creative things their church does. As a creative person, its inspiring to see how they use their gifts to glorify God.

When I lived in Manhattan last fall, I attended Hillsong NYC almost every weekend while living there. I fell in love with their mission, their house and everything they do. Sometimes my friends and I would go to more than one service on a Sunday because it was simply so good and the presence of God was so apparent, full and overwhelming. We loved Pastor Carl Lentz and how he related to young people. Even though my time there was short, it was fulfilling and impactful.

One of the biggest things I have missed about living in New York City is Hillsong. This night of worship in MN was perfect because my soul has since been longing to experience the Hillsong room again since leaving my east coast church home.

It was so exciting to meet Pastor Brian Houston and David Ware (from Hillsong Worship) at the tour. Houston’s book has already grabbed my heart and attention, and I’m only a few chapters in. The theme goes along with the title — THERE IS MORE. Houston invites the reader into God’s Word to remind them that even your wildest dreams for your life aren’t enough. God’s amazing plans for your life supersede your biggest hopes–all for a purpose larger than you. The “more” that God wants for your life is beyond comprehension. It’s the perfect book to read during any chapter of life, but I’ve found it’s really hitting home as I near college graduation.

The book circles around this verse from Ephesians 3:20-21: God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.

The best part of the evening was the worship. From start to finish, people were so into it. Worshipping from the front of the venue is something I will never forget. As I stood amongst so many young people who were so consumed by the presence of God, I was in awe of their spirit of surrender. It was incredible to witness. Brooke shared these words during that evening and it summed everything we were experiencing perfectly: “There is no junior Holy Spirit.”

Hillsong Worship sang some new songs from their new album including “Who You Say I Am,” “Be Still,” “The Passion” and my favorite “New Wine.” When they did a mix of “Pursue” and “Oceans” my sister and I were lowkey freaking out because it was the best worship combo. Plus Aodhan King’s voice is amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we have played “Pursue.”

At the end of the night, they did “This Is Living,” “Wake” and “Alive.” It got hype — I loved experiencing some of my favorite Young & Free songs. Hillsong Church has many divisions with their music teams — there is United, Worship, Young & Free. Hillsong Worship is ultimately a mix of all of the worship leaders because that’s what they do — lead worship. So this tour was really neat because we got to hear some of our favorite songs from all of Hillsong and see some of our favorite leaders from the different bands. The anointing on their songwriting and worship is so powerful. To see a video of Hillsong Worship performing “New Wine” last night click here for my instagram post.

If you missed the worship night in Minnesota, Hillsong Young & Free will be here May 18 for Pulse Twin Cities. It’s a free event and Lecrae will be there too! More info here. You don’t want to miss it! If you’re going, let me know!

For additional There Is More Tour dates, click here.


We girls were so excited to meet Brian because we are seeing his wife Bobbie in two weeks for Hillsong’s Colour Conference in California! We are counting down the days until our next Hillsong event! LA here we come!

Did you go to the There Is More Tour? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and the experience! Or will you be at Colour? Leave me a comment or reach out on social media, I’d love to hear from you! @fearlesseyes97 on Instagram and Twitter.

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