All things New York Fashion Week: What it’s like being in NY during the shows and an interview with one of my friends who is interning there

It’s NYFW baby! A time in New York where shopping is its own season. One where fashion rules the streets and everyone from A-list celebrities to beauty bloggers are taking their seat and trying to get in on the action of the shows. For any fashionista, it’s a world of endless opportunities and where dreams come true.

For me, it was an exciting time exploring the city with my friends and dressing up for the occasion.

When I lived in New York City last fall, my friends and I tried to get in on all the 2017 Fall fashion show fun. Yeah, that’s right. We tried to get into New York Fashion Week… without a ticket to any of the shows.

It was September, we were new to New York and we heard NYFW reps would let people in for free to the shows if they had extra space. We were told if individuals came dressed for the event and hung out near the show locations, they had a chance of getting in. So we figured, since it was NEW YORK and fashion week of all things, why not try?!

We did some shopping, put on our best fashion foot forward and hit the streets of SoHo. It was exhilarating. Paparazzi lined the blocks and we got stopped by many of them being asked to pose for photos. Of course, we were just a couple college girls living a dream in a dream city, but for a moment we ruled New York as style icons being discovered.

It was surreal. Papz chatted about Beyonce and how they were waiting for to arrive. These same papz who wanted to take her photo would also stop to take ours. It was like stepping into a movie. Everything about it was so simply New York. I’m still waiting to see the photos to this day, BUT my friends and I captured some of our own moments.

I was dressed head to toe in Express. I loved the details of my little black heels, black ripped skinny legging jeans, white lace tank top and jean jacket–and I guess the papz loved it too.

We walked around the different events taking place and it was so fun to witness the wonder unfolding. We didn’t get into any shows, but I had so much fun just seeing the excitement of it all take place. I loved seeing how New York came alive and thrived on the hype of new fashion and trends.

Group shot after our NYFW adventures ended at Black Tap.

Recently I got offered tickets to a NYFW Spring show, but I wasn’t able to make it. HOWEVER, one of my favorite friends from NYC is a full-time student at King’s and is actually interning the events!! Julia is experiencing a dream opportunity that is so crazy awesome and well deserved! I got the inside scoop from her on all things NYFW Spring edition! Here’s what she had to say:

How are you involved with NYFW?

I am a writer for Fashion Week online!

What’s been your favorite part?

My favorite part besides seeing all the new clothes is the networking! I’ve met lots of interesting people over the past week. It’s been so fun to meet people who are passionate about the fashion industry from all over the world.


Any styles or trends you’re seeing that people should be watching for in 2018?

Lots of sparkles!! Statement tights and sparkly socks are sure to be a trend for the 2018 Fall season. Animal prints are prevalent on the runways right now too, as well as suits for women.

Have you met or seen any celebrities?

I was most excited to see Andre Leon Talley, but I did see Cardi B, Olivia Palermo, Danielle Bernstein and a few Bachelor contestants!

I am vicariously living through Julia’s experiences! Here’s to fashion endeavors, adventures with friends, the beautiful city of New York and dreaming of attending NYFW Fall 2018.

With fashion love,




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