4 of my favorite vacation hairstyles for ocean beach days and exploration

When on vacation the sun, beach and pool are calling your name. The last place you want to be? Stuck in front of a mirror trying to perfect your hair. I’m excited to share some of my favorite beach hairstyles. They’re super simple, work for most hair types and require minimum to no hair products or hair tools. Here are four of my favorite vacation hairstyles for ocean beach days and exploration.

Salty air side braid



I love tucking away my curly beach waves in a side braid when its windy on the beach shores or after I’ve been swimming in the ocean or pool. A braid is a cute way to style your hair and give you a “mermaid look.” I love tying my thick hair back and twisting some of my bangs away. It’s sporty and fun, and also the perfect transition for post-swim hair. I don’t have to worry about it being completely dry before I style it, plus if you add a bit of hairspray it will stay in place for awhile. Start by pulling your hair to the side and french braiding the back of it down to the side you want it on. This french braid style will hold the back pieces of hair into place–especially if you have layers in your hair. It a fun effortless look that works well for both curly or straight hair.

Ocean bun

For the days I want a super quick style, especially if I have wet hair from being in the water, I’ll throw my hair up it a messy bun. A super summer classic that’s simple, and keeps your hair out of your face when you just want to run around and explore. I find its nice especially for windy days on the beach. I love doing a top messy bun and letting some of my curls hang down. I’ll also twist it around the hair binder a few times to get it to stay and look more together. There’s really no technique to it, and we girls know it can be a fun art to craft.

Curly beach waves



When I want to let my curls flow, I love adding beach waves to my hair. I use a 1 1/4 inch size curling iron and add a few curls. Some times I’ll add a texturing spray to scrunch it a bit too. I usually set it with a little hairspray and shine spray (see some of my favorite products here). This fun beachy look has a lot of body to it and transfers well into a braid or bun.

After swimming when my curls start to fade, I might style it when its wet by scrunching it a bit and putting part of it up. A fun style I recently tried — a half up french braid into a mini bun. Its a great way to leave some of that hair down while also going for a beachy boho look. I see this all the time on Pinterest.

Simply straight + spa style

When I want something super quick and simple, I’ll opt for just running a straightener through my hair and letting it be. It’s nice for days of travel and when going comfy. It’s a lightweight hairstyle I love when vacationing.

It’s a great style for a clean look when heading to the spa on vacation. It’s a pure refreshing look that’s easy to throw in a loose pony during any spa treatments. It also stays well in a bun and braid. I love it for lazy resort days when we stay by the pool and go hot tubbing. My family calls it my tropical mermaid look.

Tip: if you use a scrunchy instead of a tight hair binder it’ll keep your hair nice and straight so you can put it back down without any kinks.

Have any favorite vacation hairstyles I should try? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment or reach out on social media @fearlesseyes97.

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