Reputation release week: A new Taylor Swift era and her electric pop up shop in NYC

Taylor Swift just dropped her new album “reputation,” and it’s a lyrical work of art. Every new song has potential to be a hit single, and the whole album is a jam. I’ve been blasting it non-stop and celebrating its new release all week. Luckily to my excitement– Taylor Swift had a pop up shop in NYC to bring this new era to life. It was located at South Street Seaport, which is less than five minute walk from my apartment — so of course I had to check it out.


I have been the biggest Taylor fan for YEARS. I’ve been to many shows and listen to her music (old and new) on the daily. So many of her songs have been my anthem during so many different seasons of life and I adore her– she’s the sweetest to her fans and I have mad respect for her song writing skills and processes. Being in NYC during the new album release was huge.

This city is Taylor Swift crazy. So many people here love her and I have been hearing her album everywhere — in small shops lining the streets of Times Square, overflowing through peoples headphones on the subway, in study rooms at my apartment, in Duane Reeds .. it’s inescapable and no surprise they chose this beautiful electric city to be home for her reputation pop up shop during release week.


A pop up shop is basically where an artist hosts a fun atmosphere to sell their merch — especially when they have a new line or album coming out. If I could’ve bought everything in the store, I would have. The new merch is so cute and the accessories are so fun. I’m all for this new Taylor era and the fashion movement.


The store set up was amazing. They only let so many fans in at a time (which was brilliant, props to management) and individuals got to take their time exploring the merch and taking photos by different props and stage sets from her music videos. Through it all they bumped her new music — it was nothing short of rad. The shopping process was super cool too, you got a number and then had your own personal shopping assistant who wrote down everything you wanted and they had it ready for you at the register when you were ready to leave. It made things less chaotic than they could have been, making the overall atmosphere just seem like one big party and place to celebrate a new season for Taylor and the fans.


The displays in the store were amazing and absolutely so retro. I loved the thought that seemed to be behind every detail and the presentation was everything. I love Taylor’s team.


It was the shop’s last night in the city and I was the 2,078 fan to visit. Being that NYC is the media hub for all things press related, Taylor was also in town all week appearing on shows and doing secret concerts. On the first night of the shop, she showed up and I ran to see her. I saw her as she left, which was a super cool NYC highlight.


Here’s to a new Taylor Swift era, fun NYC friends and a good night in the city. I can’t wait til a new Taylor tour and getting to sing along to of these new songs and the chance to experience them live. If the pop up shop comes to a city near you, CHECK IT OUT. I love “reputation,” give it a listen and let me know what your favorite song is.



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