Flicker Sessions New York – NYC night with Niall Horan

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If you know me and you’re reading this, chances are you can already guess this will be a positive review and gushing post. I just saw Niall Horan again for the second time in NYC, and yep, you know it, my inner fangirl is yet again fully thriving in New York City. So many smiles, all the joy… I’ve got that unbelievable giddiness that comes anytime I see one of the One Direction boys.


Niall is one of the reasons I supported One Direction for so long. I love his beaming personality and beautiful voice. Seeing him headline his first ever solo tour promoting his new album “Flicker” at the Beacon Theatre was without a doubt one of the best nights I’ve had in this city. I’ve never had a concert fly by so quickly in my life—I was simply so caught up in every moment.

The music was lovely and the vocals? Astounding. The performance? So fun, energetic and refreshing. The kid held his weight as solo artist the entire show and there wasn’t a boring moment or disinterested attendee in the audience. The connection he makes with his fans and the enthusiasm he puts into each performance always amazes me. I love how engaged everyone was.

Niall was SO happy that night. I’ve seen him do solo gigs and shows with the 1D boys a few times now, but this was the most giddy and hilarious I’ve ever seen him (which is saying a lot, because he’s always goofing around, laughing, smiling). His debut album had just hit number one on the Billboard charts two days before the show, and he obviously was still living off that high.

The boy had it coming and deserved number one. That album is a lyrical art full of songs that are upbeat, mellow and emotional. Some of my favorite tracks that he performed were “Flicker,” “Mirrors,” “Since We’re Alone,” “The Tide,” “On My Own,” … honestly I could list them all because they were all so good.

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The strongest performances that night came in the simplest moments–when it was just Niall, a guitar and the fans screaming along to every word. Niall brought back a 1D classic, “Fools Gold,” and the crowd went wild. Everyone lost their cool, including me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up. In that moment, no one had forgotten about One Direction, and neither had Niall. It was the best way to reminisce. It was truly something special. You just have to see for yourself:

He was soulful, he was sweet. From stadium shows with 1D to beautiful small venues as solo artist, Niall continues to own the stage in every setting. I’m so lucky to have grown up admiring this talented individual for the last seven years. His personality is everything and I love how humble he is. Every show I’ve seen he’s performed with so much gratitude and he gives it his all every show.

Plus, the kid is funny as hell. He makes himself laugh constantly and is always amusing the audience. Half the time I can’t even understand him because of his Irish accent, but it makes me love him even more.

Niall dedicated that night to the city of New York and those who lost their lives earlier that day in the Manhattan terrorist attack which happened on the Hudson River Park bikeway (more on that here). I, like a lot of other New Yorkers, didn’t want to let that event hold me back in fear from going out and living life… I love how everyone showed up to the show and resiliently stood together.

The song that stole my heart most during the show was “Since We’re Alone.” It was so good live:

“Slow Hands” is also always such a jam. Niall gets SO into it and the way he dances around is ADORABLE.

Overall, the show was a solid 10/10. If I could relive it a hundred times, I would. If the Flicker Sessions tour is coming near you, go see it. You won’t regret it.




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