Cookie dough confections NYC

What more can a girl ask for than a night out in Greenwich Village enjoying sweet treats with even sweeter friends? Today’s NYC adventure was cookie dough confections (DŌ) and yes, it was doughlicious.

This adorable shop serves up gourmet, edible dough that is absolutely yummy. It’s a brilliant idea if you ask me. After all, how many of us spend time eating the cookie dough while baking rather than waiting for the actual cookies? At DŌ you don’t have to worry about salmonella. They use pasteurized eggs, a heating process that kills any harmful bacteria and a ready-to-eat flour (read more here). Making it perfectly safe to enjoy.

I had the cake batter cookie dough in a cake batter ice cream cone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was ohh so sweet but the ice cream really helped balance out the mound of cookie dough. If you ever visit, I recommend getting a scoop of each together!

DŌ NYC opened this last January and is popular for its crazy lines. Everyone in New York wants a taste. The press coverage they have also received has been incredible. Buzzfeed, Insider Food, NY Post, CBS, People, Cosmopolitan and more are buzzing about it–and I can see why. It definitely lives up to its hype. It’s such a fun and unique dessert option! For a behind-the-scenes video click here. 

I can’t wait to check it out again and try something else! They have so many flavors and options, it makes living in NYC a bit dangerous–there are seriously so many awesome food places to explore. It’s a good thing we do so much walking, or I’d have to feel guilty about all the sweets. :-)



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