3 places to grab a cup of coffee in the Twin Cities

For me: coffee is a way of life. I’ve always loved drinks from typical places like Starbucks or Caribou, but ever since I started college, I’ve been on the hunt for cute coffee shops where I can study, catch up with friends or just get some work done on my laptop. I love the environment built by the baristas and the people, and how it differs from place to place. I am always excited about checking out new places, so I went out in the Twin Cities and explored a few, here are my new top three favorites:

1. Cafe Latte


This one is a bit different than just your typical local coffee shop – but in the best way possible. Located off Grand in St. Paul, Cafe Latte mixes the best of both worlds: a cute cafe with amazing gourmet-quality food and a menu of delicious coffee.

From what I tasted, the coffee was really good. I ordered a nutella espresso drink, which yes, was as amazing as it sounds. They topped it with whip cream and caramel sauce. It was unique, and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.



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The food is served in modern cafeteria style and is award-winning. It’s made fresh right in front of you, and they offer different soups, salads, spreads, pizzas and sandwiches. It’s the perfect place for any meal, and a slice of pie goes deliciously for dessert. They have an entire bakery that serves signature desserts like cakes,  cheesecakes and more.



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Cafe Latte: 850 Grand Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105

2. Quixotic Coffee


If you’re looking for a smaller, more quiet coffee shop that specializes in delivering high-quality hand-crafted beverages, Quixotic Coffee would be for you. From the outside, it definitely doesn’t look all that impressive, but once you step inside you immediately find yourself in the middle of a trendy hipster shop. It’s super cute and quaint, and is located in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul.


I thought the atmosphere was PERFECT for studying. Some coffee shops are busy and distracting, and while Quixotic definitely has a lot of people walking in and out, it doesn’t impact the afternoon atmosphere that much. The environment allows for conversation, but never gets loud enough for others to be bothered while getting work done.

All drinks are made with local ingredients and local character. They serve espresso drinks, cold brew coffee on tap and plenty of alternative drinks like teas, juices, smoothies and more. I ordered a caramel latte espresso drink that was definitely enjoyable.



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Quixotic Coffee: 769 Cleveland Ave S. St. Paul, MN 55116

3. Spyhouse Coffee – Uptown


Spyhouse Coffee is the absolute best if you appreciate latte art and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops. My favorite location is in Uptown off of Hennepin. It’s a classic Minnesota favorite loved by many, which is no surprise. The atmosphere is full of conversation, coffee being made and music.



It’s a bit on the louder side if you’re trying to study, but I love it nonetheless. The coffee is simply amazing, I had a caramel latte – which they recommended as one of their most popular drinks. They serve it in the cutest little coffee mugs and everything about it is so swanky.



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Spyhouse Coffee – Uptown: 2404 Hennepin Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55405

I vlogged about my experiences for a new What’s Trending segment – check it out here:


What should I highlight next? Leave a comment and let me know!



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