Whirlwind travels, chasing music and sightseeing in Chicago

Four crazy teenagers take on the big city of Chicago to explore the city that never sleeps cause lets face it, neither do we.


Summer has only just begun and I’ve already checked so many things off my bucket list. First, I got to stay right in the heart of my favorite city. Second, I got to road trip with my favorite people and act like complete tourists as we visited new places. Third, I got to follow one of my favorite bands on tour and see them perform another time. If this is any glimpse of what the rest of the summer might be like, then I am in store for a treat.

We left for the big city last Wednesday and the hotel we stayed at was near Millennium Park, right across the river from Trump Tower. It was a beautiful part of the city and we spent endless hours exploring. We visited the Navy Pier, went to the famous Chicago bean (a few too many times), went to the Willis (Sears) Tower, ate at cute little cafes, hit Starbucks (whenever we had the chance..there is literally one every other street), went to the famous Shedd Aquarium and so much more. It was a jam packed couple days that were so adventurous.

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One of my favorite parts of trip was Navy Pier. I absolutely loved seeing the cityscape from afar along with the beautiful blue waters that line the shore. We had perfect weather too, it was the best way to kick off the summer.

I loved staying right downtown in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Chi-town. I am completely enthralled by the city life and the fast pace of it all. I had the hardest time sleeping at night because the view from our hotel room 23 floors up was breathtaking, I was thoroughly in love with the city view.

The first morning we were there I flew out of bed at 6 in the morning as sirens and car horns were going off, I couldn’t wait to get outside and explore it all. Most people might be annoyed by the constant hum of noise that the city has, but I loved it. Sure, sirens that early in the morning get old after a few days, but I love how awake the city is all throughout the night and day; it seriously never sleeps.

Our road trip to Chicago was one of the most fun road trips I have ever been on. But, I gotta be real here, not only did I want to go to Chicago to sight-see and kick off summer right, but I also really wanted to see my favorite band again in concert. So, I did it again, I followed one of my favorite bands on tour to Chicago. Last time it was to see 5 Seconds of Summer, this time it was Emblem3 and it was worth every moment spent in the car during the 7 1/2 hour ride and navigating the crazy city that Chicago is.

There’s really no telling what a fangirl will do to hear and see her favorite songs performed live by her favorite band. She might just hit the road to follow them on tour (even after she has already seen them in her home town) to explore new states and cities during the process. In fact, that’s exactly what she’ll do if she’s me and on summer break.

I guess meeting E3 and seeing them perform in Minneapolis about a week and a half ago wasn’t enough (sorry bank account). One moment my cousin and I were wishing we could experience it all over again and the next thing I knew we were driving 500+ miles to Chicago for round two. Spontaneous, yes. Absolutely the best few days of my life, definitely YES.

Not only did I get to see my all time favorite band perform in two different states, but I got to meet them and stay in the heart of my favorite city. We made it a couple day road trip, got in some major sightseeing, checked out some pretty cool places, and got absolutely no sleep. I’d say it was a pretty lit trip. I loved experiencing it with the people I went with, it was one of the coolest things we all have done together.


Getting to see Chicago and my favorite band again with this girl was definitely a huge highlight of our travels! I love our spontaneous road trips, obsession over music and jam sessions in the car that last for 7+ hours and seeing new places (talk about major cousin bonding time). Exploring Chi town with her was awesome.

Seeing Willis (Sears) Tower was also one of my favorites parts of the trip, it was wicked to be 103 stories high over the city of Chicago.


103 stories high..we have just as many stories to tell now that the trip is over.


If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

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And last but not least, our ABSOLUTE favorite part of the road trip – THE BEAN. I’m laughing as I post this because we walked by this so many times on our trip. Our hotel was right in Millennium Park so seeing the bean as much as we did was inevitable. It became a joke on our trip as to if we wanted to visit it…AGAIN. Haha oh the joys of traveling.

“The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination, it’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”


Chicago road trip summer sixteen was crazy, spontaneous, adventurous and lit. Chi town, thanks for a fun few days. I made countless memories, saw new places, tried new things and had an absolute blast. Here’s to running around at all hours of the day/night and getting no sleep. I’m prepared now to rest up a bit for the next major adventure/road trip that comes my way. ;)


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