A night full of surprises 

On Monday, Dec. 7 I attended a concert, but not just any concert – it was KDWB’s iHeart Radio Jingle Ball.

I went to the show with a friend from college and we were pretty excited for the night to unfold. We had great seats on the floor and were more than excited for a stellar celebrity line up. The night consisted of music from some of my favorite artists including Shawn Mendes, Fall Out Boy, ZEDD, Calvin Harris, Nick Jonas, DNCE, Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth and many more. Each performer put on an amazing show and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did.

We left mid-concert to run and check out the merch tables and while we were walking around some guy stopped us and asked us if we wanted passes to meet ZEDD. Um, YES.

He gave us wristbands and directed us to an elevator with a small group of people who were also meeting him. We couldn’t believe it, we just saw him put on an incredible show and turn the whole Xcel Energy Center into a major dance floor party and the next thing we know we’re on our way backstage to meet him.

It was my first time ever being backstage at a major concert like JingleBall. It was cool to see other performers from the lineup walking around and being interviewed as we waited in line to meet ZEDD. It all happened so quickly but while the photographer and radio workers were rushing everyone, ZEDD was so sweet and took his time to talk to us. He hugged both of us when we saw him and we told him how much we enjoyed his part of the show. He thanks us and asked if we danced a lot. Which was kind of funny because of course! How could you not?

DanRiggs-0092 (1)

I can’t wait to experience another one of his concerts.

Shortly after we met ZEDD we were escorted out with no chances to break free to try and find Shawn Mendes… haha I would’ve if I had the chance. Love that boy. But unfortunately for us the workers watched everyone closely and were very focused on getting everyone from one location to the next.

The rest of the night was so fun. We went back to watch the concert a little after Shawn Mendes took the stage and while we were on our way to our seats we stopped in the second row. The seats were open and we figured we’d just wait it out until the people who had the seats came back, but they never did. So we got to experience the rest of the concert from the second row. It was unreal.



Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and Fall Out Boy were the last few performers we got to see from second row. It was my first time seeing each of them and they put on an incredible show. Fall Out Boy was definitely a favorite of the night for me, I knew every song they sang and sang along at the top of my lungs. Pete Wentz (bassist for FOB) saw me freaking out and I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me multiple times. He even threw a guitar pick my way, but the girl in front of me caught it. I was a bit salty, but oh well. The experience of the concert and seeing them live in person completely made up for it.

Fall Out Boy sang one of their older songs “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and this is what I wrote right after the show on instagram:

Tonight I got to see Fall Out Boy perform this song live, something I’m happy to finally check off my bucket list. For the past few years, most of the concerts I’ve been to have played this song, whether it’s a band covering it or a song that’s played leading up to the artist coming out on stage. Ive seen it at 5sos, all time low, the vamps, and many other shows. I’ve belted this song at the top of my lungs but I had never gotten the chance to see the actual band who sings it perform it live. Well tonight I did, and I apologize to those around me bc I was totally in the moment and freaking out, it was great. I sang along to every word and rocked out so hard. Definitely the perfect night.


That pretty much sums up the emotion of the night. I saw so many artists perform in concert for the first time which was awesome. Jingle Ball 2015 was a hit and I can’t wait for the next show.

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