Hillsong Nights in Minneapolis

September 22nd, 2015 marks a great night of worship.. no wait, the best night of worship.

I absolutely loved being led in worship by the best of Hillsong’s worship team and singing my heart out in response to God’s goodness with other believers when Hillsong made a stop in Minneapolis on their Hillsong Nights tour. It was such an awesome night of music and my Spirit has been refreshed. I’m still on a God high from that night.. there’s nothing like truly feeling the worship music stir in your heart and spirit and then carrying that feeling with you days after. I love that, I live for that.

I’m so glad my mom and I were able to go and worship together. We had originally planned to go but then the event had sold out so we figured we wouldn’t be able to attend this time around. But then someone at my college was selling tickets the night before the event and I was like, “I WANT THEM PICK ME OH MY GOODNESS ODHGIUDFH.” Well.. maybe not that wording exactly… but on the inside I was definitely freaking out.

We got tickets to a sold out event and got to soak up the music and God’s presence. Hillsong’s pastor Brian Houston was also there and shared a message that I needed to hear. He talked about how important it is to live from the inside out, not the outside in. We should be firm in God and who He says we are, and live through that, rather than going about our day being affected by everything that is happening around us and cause that to impact our attitudes and joy. It was so good and a great reminder.

Everyone who attended the event got a free copy of Brian Houston’s book Live Love Lead and I’ve already starting paging through it and reading it.. it’s so good. Something that I found from the book that I love was this statement by Houston:

“You are loved.

You are free.

You are forgiven.

Shame has no claim on you.

You belong to Jesus.”

Yes, thank you JESUS.

It’s something I know deep down in my heart but that I always love to read, hear, and be reminded of.



PicMonkey Collagekjugtyfeswe

It was such a fun night out with my mom. I’m glad we got to go see Hillsong in concert again and that we got to hangout together. Now that I’m living at college it’s times like these that I truly enjoy. :)

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