MSHSL Boys’ Hockey Tourney ’15

Thoroughly enjoyed continuing on a tradition with my Dad and sister this weekend. This past week starting Thursday was the 2015 MSHSL Boy’s Hockey Tournament. My dad, sister, and I love watching good Minnesota hockey and always love watching the high school boys compete in the tourney. Last year we went to the tournament for a few games and this year we had to go again. So on Saturday 3/7/15 we headed to the Xcel for the class AA 2015 final games of the tourney. We watched a few games the night before at home and were excited to see the action in person. It was so fun to be a part of the atmosphere and to see Eden Prairie take on Edina and then Duluth East vs. Lakeville North.

IMG_7242There was a total of 19,495 fans in attendance at the Xcel, which was a new attendance record for a third place and championship game session! It was awesome to be a part of the crowd and see the student sections cheer on their teams and interact with each other across the arena by cheering and yelling. The first game we watched was the battle for third place in the class AA division, we watched Eden Prairie take on Edina. This first game was less packed but a majority of the people that were there were there to cheer against Edina. Edina has won the class AA championships for the past two consecutive years, they are known for playing dirty and rough so this year it was time for someone else to have the chance to win. Everyone was pretty thrilled when they found out that Edina would be competing for third place, rather than first in the tournament.

Edina vs. Eden Prairie


However, during this game Edina dominated and ended up winning third place. Which is ok, as long as they didn’t come in first. ;)

So after Edina won and their accepted their awards, more people starting filling the arena for the much anticipated game of the night, the class AA championships, the battle for taking the state at first place. As the hour passed, the ice was resurfaced and students starting filling their sections. Around 7pm, the second game began – Duluth East vs. Lakeville North. Because Duluth East had defeated Edina the night before, we were rooting for them and hoping they would win. As one sign said in the audience, we were hoping the comeback kids would make another comeback and earn first place.



During the final game, Lakeville North dominated. While it was a competitive game and both teams were determined to win, Lakeville North was quick on the ice and scored many goals. During the end of the second period, in the final few seconds, Duluth scored their first goal, which had the arena thinking the comeback kids would make another comeback and win the whole thing.


But as the third and final period started, Lakeville continued to push through and earned themselves the state title. Lakeville North played their whole season undefeated and were undefeatable once again.





I’m a huge fan of Minnesota hockey and watching the boys who play hockey is always fun. It’s always fun to go and cheer against Edina too. Ok enough bashing on them.. But seriously so glad they came in third place and that Duluth beat them and had a chance at the championship game. Overall, it was an awesome night. I love going down to the city and watching those boys hit the ice, there’s nothing like seeing the reactions by the teams who win. It’s pure adrenaline and joy.
I always feel bad for the opposing team when they lose (unless it’s Edina), especially for Duluth’s because they were literally in tears accepting their second place medals. But hey, you win some and you lose some. Better luck next time boys. Until then, here’s a girl signing off with thoughts of how much hockey makes her love Minnesota. #StateOfHockey #ItsInOurBlood
Lakeville North and Duluth East after the game.

OH AND DID I MENTION THE HOCKEY BOYS’ HAIR?! Hockey players are always known for their hockey hair.. And at the Xcel it was without a doubt a topic everyone was talking about. So because of that YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO – Here’s to the all hockey hair team. Enjoy!

So fun to have our cousin Julia come along! We love our hockey!
Love hockey nights with my dad!

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