Welcome to Adulthood

Well it happened… I finally turned 18. Now that I’m legal I can officially get a piercing or tattoo on my own, buy a lottery ticket, and date heart-throb Luke Hemmings. I’m sure I can also do a lot more, but right now those are the ones that stand out to me the most. I can also begin the journey of paying taxes… yipeee… ha said no one ever. Oh well, with freedom comes more responsibilities, right? At least now I can update my driver’s license picture again, which is an exciting thing. Well it is at my age, and maybe that’s because it’s fun to compare the new picture to the one you had taken for your last I.D., then you can check to see how much you’ve really grown/changed. The last time I got my I.D. photo taken was when I got my license shortly after I turned 16… doesn’t seem like that long ago but considering how much I’ve learned and grown over the past two years, it has been awhile..a jam-packed full two years. Right when I thought I knew so much about life at 16, I started new adventures and chapters of my life that have shown me I really didn’t truly know that much and even though I’d like to think I know a little more now, I still learn something new every day about this crazy beautiful life God has given me. It definitely keeps life interesting and me on my toes.

Reflecting on the past years, I have really been blessed. I don’t always realize it when I’m busy caught up in the craziness of life, but taking a step back from it all to reflect, I truly begin to realize how great life really is. I have an awesome family that made a huge effort to celebrate my birthday this year, which truly showed me how much they love and care for me. I also have great friends that, although I don’t see them nearly as much during the school year because life is so busy for everyone including myself, have reached out to tell me they are thinking about me on my special day. This just reminds me that God really has placed some pretty awesome people into my life, and no matter how much I see them, we are still able to reconnect and pick up where we left off. I am so thankful for friendships like that.

People keep asking me if I feel any older, the answer is yes and no. The truth is, I’ve been celebrating my birthday for the past 18 days. It all started when I realized the countdown of 18 days til my 18th birthday was on the day my family and I left for our trip to Florida. Every year when we go to Disney it happens to be around the time of my birthday so we celebrate down there, which is so fun because all the Disney cast members recognize it’s your birthday (if you wear a certain Disney birthday pin) and make an effort to wish you a magical birthday. It has become sort of a tradition for me to count every year to see how many wishes I get. This year it was about 60 total, just over a four day period. Which is crazy awesome. When walking around in Disney, people who are mostly cast members but also include some random people who are attending the parks, will call out you by name to tell you happy birthday. I love it. I also got free caramel popcorn from this adorable sweets shop in Epcot’s Norway, which was fun.

Making birthday wishes at Cinderella’s wishing well in Disney’s Magic Kingdom


So because of that, I feel like adulthood has not only been waiting for me, but has also been welcoming me for the whole month. Birthdays are pretty special in my house and I love celebrating with my family. My siblings and parents each made an effort to make my day special on my actual birthday. My family stayed up with me the night before til midnight to celebrate the countdown, even my dad despite the fact that he had work early the next day. My siblings also gave me thoughtful gifts that couldn’t have been better. My mom also made a delicious dinner and her and my sister made me a surprise cake that had the 5SOS logo on it (my favorite band). I am truly so blessed and thankful for the great life God has given me. I’ve had my ups and downs just like everybody else but have learned a lot through my childhood and it has helped shape me into the person I am today.

I look forward to the continuous celebration and the year to come. Life is good, God is good, and so was that cake my sister baked me for my birthday. Seriously it was the cutest thing ever, even had a zebra print design in the middle.


Which also reminds me- I got a selfie stick from my sister for my birthday! As you can see… selfie sticks are a lot funnier than they appear to be.. this is the result of trying to use one on one of the first attempts. Can’t wait to capture so many adventures with that thing ;)

FullSizeRender (1)b

So here’s from an adult (that seems weird to say, I still am this crazy kid/teenager), who is still growing up and will be forever young.

{Jer. 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” }


One thought on “Welcome to Adulthood

  1. I have been so blessed to be your mama, Happy birthday to our sweet-pea! I found this 50 things to tell your daughter when shes 18, I liked it, enjoy!

    1. Love yourself first.
    2. High school is not real life. Be prepared.
    3. Some girls/women are just mean. Chin up baby girl — keep walking.
    4. If you find a REAL friend, keep hold no matter how far apart you are.
    5. Stuff WILL NOT make you happy.
    6. Don’t judge anyone, but expect to be judged. Again I say, chin up.
    7. Get to know your grandma on an adult level.
    8. Not every problem is the end of the world.
    9. Pick your battles, its not all worth fighting about.
    10. Don’t compare yourself to others, there will never be another like you.
    11. No matter how much you love someone, don’t lose yourself.
    12. Speak up — find your voice and use it!
    13. Learn the word “NO,” and don’t be afraid to use it without guilt.
    14. You get to write your own story, fill the pages with happiness.
    15. Don’t ever chase a man, the right one will find you.
    16. Learn how to accept compliments graciously and try to believe them.
    17. ALWAYS BE HONEST! The truth only hurts if it’s supposed to.
    18. Learn how to be happy in your own skin and be content alone.
    19. Never be afraid to share anything you feel passionately about.
    20. Its OK to disagree but refer to #9.
    21. Read everything you can get your hands on. Knowledge is power.
    22. If you go home with a guy and see no books, get out of there.
    24. Always stand up for yourself. ALWAYS.
    25. Don’t be afraid to fail. That’s how you learn.
    26. Never electronically send ANYTHING you wouldnt want printed on the front page on the newspaper. Even if you delete it, it can still be found.
    27. Serve others unconditionally, good deeds bring happiness.
    28. Be gracious, gratitude reveals character.
    29. Always trust your gut instinct. ALWAYS.
    30. Be nice!
    31. Your actions will define you, not your words.
    32. Don’t swallow your feelings, find a way to let them out safely.
    33. Seek beauty in all things.
    35. Stay in contact with the people who love you.
    36. Always walk with your head up. Confidence is attractive.
    37. Cry when you need to and find strength in your tears.
    38. Laughter is good for the soul.
    39. So is LOUD music. So turn it up and dance!
    40. Words can build bridges or burn them, choose wisely.
    41. Home is who you love, not where you live.
    42. Being the first to apologize does not make you weak.
    43. Work, and work hard. Always make sure you can provide for yourself.
    44. I know you hate me somedays, but I will always love you.
    46. You can tell me anything, any time. I will always be here for you.
    47. Remember again, I will always love you.
    48. You are more than capable.
    49. You are beautiful, never let anyone make you feel differently
    50. Take life one day at a time. Live in the moment. You have no control over yesterday or tomorrow. All you have is RIGHT NOW, so just be happy.

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